Live streaming is the future and its popularity is exploding on mainstream platforms. It is no longer for large enterprise with big budgets for expensive production. With the advances in internet speed, video quality and ease of producing live stream video, live streaming is accessible, cheap and a must do for any event organizer to grow their event and reach a wide-ranging audience.

Why Live streaming?

  1. Audiences expect it!

Can you imagine a business not having a website now? It’s the same for live events having live streaming options. People expect options based on their needs and live streaming is just another option. Being up to date with technology is important for your credibility as a thought leader and action inspirer.

  1. Today Viewers are Tomorrows Attendees

You can live stream without cannibalizing your in-person attendance and grow your audience.  Infact growing online audiences can increase physical attendance.  This strategy has been well used by Tough Mudder, a fitness program that live streamed their events from 2012.  They successfully embraced live streaming to give future ticket buyers an experience of their event before purchasing tickets.

You can also restrict your livestreaming tickets to offer a sample of the content available to physical attendees. A sample of the content for a fraction of the cost is a great way to attract future attendees, especially from outside your location.

  1. ROI

Online audiences are not limited by seating or travel. Anyone from anywhere can now attend your event. And you can sell tickets for live streamed access.

The best part is Streamtick will take care of the video production and streaming without charge. So you have no additional outlay with maximum online reach and increased ticket sales. That means a positive ROI guaranteed.

Why Streamtick?

  1. Positive ROI guaranteed

Our business model guarantees your positive ROI as we take care of the video equipment, production and streaming for no change. We only take a commission from your additional live stream access ticket sales.

  1. Sell Tickets to your live streaming

Live streaming does not mean free for all. You can sell tickets for your live streaming thereby increasing revenue.

At streamtick, our ticket sale platform is specialized for livestreaming events, downloading URLs and setting up online viewers.

But we don’t require you to use our platform to sell tickets and we still provide the free video and streaming service if you use your own provider.

  1. We Take Care of all the Techie Stuff (for free!)

Although live streaming has come a long way in recent years with Facebook Live, Youtube Live and many others, we know the technical aspect can be just another thing for organizers to manage.

We know this is a major roadblock for events, so we take care of it all, for no charge.

With all the technical stuff taken care of, no additional production costs and increase audience with ticket sales, live streaming is essential for any event to grow their audience, revenue and exposure. So, can you really afford not to have a live streaming solution for your event?

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