Start Date 09/09/2017
Start Time 10:00
End Date 09/09/2017
End Time 11:00
Time Zone (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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Everyone’s got a six-pack, but for most of us it's hidden under a layer of fat. This series of Saturday morning classes starting on 9th September 2017 will teach you how to make yours stand out.

Take this class and you’ll find out everything you need to know about the best – and fastest – way to turn your belly into a sculpted six-pack that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek statue.

Over the following weeks you’ll learn why sit-ups are one of the most useless moves when trying to build a six-pack (and why squats and overhead presses are two of the best), why isometric holds such as the plank should be a key part of any abs workout, and how to make your cardio sessions more effective so that you can strip away belly fat to showcase your midsection.

So whether you want to get leaner, more defined abs to look better with your shirt off, or you goal is a solid and stable core for stronger and faster performances on the pitch, in the ring, or at the track, sign up so you can start to sculpt a stomach that looks like it’s carved out of stone!

Hope to see you on Saturday 17th!

Estimated Number Of Viewers 15
Equipment / Material Required none
Country Canada
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