How do I create an Event ?

Step 1: Create a private live stream event on Youtube, Facebook or the platform of your choice with a future date.
Click here to learn how.

Step 2: Sign up to Streamtick and follow our steps. It only takes 5 minutes to set up your event and stat selling tickets to your live event.

How do I create a Live stream event on Facebook ?

How do I create a Live stream on Youtube ?

You can watch our video here

Click here for the Youtube Live Streaming guide

Remember to set the privacy setting to unlisted and add the Youtube event URL as the download link when selling your tickets on Streamick.

Can I use a private live stream platform ?

Yes no problem. Once you have created the live stream event, add the event URL from the platform to the event as a downloadable link.

This will be the link your attendees will use to access the live stream once they register.

How do I link my live stream event to streamtick ?

Watch the video here

First create your event on Youtube, Facebook or your private platform. Add the event URL from that site when you are creating your event tickets on Streamtick here:

Where do I find my Facebook Live event URL ?

Where do I find my Youtube Live event URL ?

How do people join my live event ?

Once someone has registered and paid (if needed) for your event, they will receieve the event URL by email.

When your event starts, they can join just by clicking on that link.

What payment methods do we accept ?

Customers can purchase tickets by credit card or Paypal.

How do I get paid for my ticket sales ?

We pay you via Paypal. It’s important you enter your Paypal information on the Profile tab in the Dashboard.

When will I be paid ?

We process payments to event organisers 2 days after the event is finished. It can take a few days longer to receive the money in your account.

What are your fees ?

For all tickets we charge a transaction fee of 2.5% and the below fees depending on if we do your video production or only sell the tickets.

Ticket sales only Tickets with video production
For tickets < $20 we charge $1/ ticket 10% of the ticket price (with a minimum fee of $1000)
For tickets >$20 we take 5% of ticket price upto max $4

Can you do the video production and streaming

Yes we can take care of all the video equipment, production and technical aspects of the live streaming for free. *

Please email us directly on info@streamtick.com or call +33 9 54 08 56 57
Just tell us you need help with video production and we will do the rest.

*We take a 10% fee from the ticket sales and do the video production for free.

Can I edit my event tickets ?

Yes, you can do this any time.
Go to the menu bar

→ Profile → Dashboard → Events → Edit

Where can I track my ticket sales and Earnings ?

You can see all details in your dashboard.
Go to the menu bar

→ Profile → Dashboard → Orders or Earnings

How can I get in touch with Streamtick.com

You can email us at info@streamtick.com


How much are your fees ?

There is no booking fee for clients using our service.

You only pay the price listed by the Event.

What payment methods can I use ?

We accept Paypal, Mastercard and Visa

How do I join an event ?

After you register/ purchase a ticket for the event, you willreceive the event live stream URL in an email.

At the date and time of the event, just click this link to join the event.

Where can I watch the event ?

Generally you can access the live stream anywhere you normally watch Youtube or Facebook videos:

Mobile, tablet, desktop or chromcast.

For info on chromcast, click this link here:
Google Chromecast

Can I get a refund ?

This depends on your event organizer, but typically events are not refundable.

However if you were not able to join your event, please contact your organizer and explain your situation.

I can’t access the Live stream link

Streamtick manages the ticket sales for the event.

Please contact the organizer if you are having technical issues.

How can I get in touch with Streamtick.com

You can email us at info@streamtick.com