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Gym Class from Paris

Why Live Streaming ?

Capture the power of a global audience. Attract a new audience.

Live Streaming is the future. Audiences expect you to be online.

Start a conversation: Interact & engage your audience in real time with comments, feedback and likes

Going Live is Easier than ever With Facebook Live, Youtube Live and others, anyone can go live.

Today’s viewers are tomorrow’s ticket buyers

Can you afford not to have a live streaming business model?

What are they saying ?

“Live streaming is steadily finding its way to consumer screens everywhere. “

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“Live streaming has become a focal point as heavyweights such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube invest significant sums of money into it“

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“Live video gives brands the opportunity to unlock the reach of these events, enlarging the live audience and radically changing the ROI calculation“

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