2016 has been called the year of Online Video then 2017 is the year of Live streaming. Live video outpaces all other types of online video growth and now has 100M internet viewers per day. But just like the evolution of social media and sites like Facebook, it takes some time for businesses to understand how to optimize these tools for your business.

Live streaming simplified

So what is possible with live streaming now? Our aim is to simply live streaming for all business and events with the following guidelines;

  1. Use a free Live site

What used to take professional video production and broadcasting now can be done simply and inexpensively through the main live stream platforms on Facebook and Youtube. It’s possible to create a free public event or private event on these platforms for which you can sell tickets.

  1. Sell tickets to you live stream event

Live streaming doesn’t have to be free, at Streamtick, we are specialized in selling tickets for live stream events, guiding event organisers and attendees in downloading URLs and getting online in a few steps

  1. Free video production

As the cost and monetization for live streaming has been simplified, the last roadblock that remains is the video production and broadcasting.  At Streamtick, we offer free video and streaming services and take a commission from the incremental sales of your livestreaming tickets. Our business model guarantees a positive ROI for your event as you incur no increased costs to produce the live streaming but all the benefits of additional ticket sales.

The benefits of live streaming for events are immense once you understand how to capture the power of these platforms. We believe mainstream success of live streaming lies in making it simple and ROI positive for our clients. If you are organizing a real life event, then you already have the content, let Streamtick help you harness the power of live streaming to grow your event and bottom line. Here are some recent examples of brands using live streaming to complement their offline event and grow their audience globally.

Louis Vuitton live-streams its paris fashion week show
CES Live Stream
Royal College of Physicians



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